Once this site becomes fully functional, the HOME page will be the landing pad for all the latest news, pins, tweets, Goodread updates, conference lists, and services I provide (that sounds kinkier than it really is), and links to other super important stuff.

For now, though, most of my activity is over at the BLOG, where you can find lots of advice (some, pretty good too), writing prompts, exercises, and even the occasional movie review.

You may want to check out the Movie Review Disclaimer first because it outlines the point of those articles and excuses me from starting each one with a spoiler alert.

My street cred credentials can be found on the ABOUT page, but I tend to be an unreliable narrator. I hope you’ll decide I’m a lot cooler than I sound by reading my posts.

I have big things in store for the future, including a page on my current projects and one for a write-along mystery, which I hope will be super fun.

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