It’s a Major Award

Recently, my very good friend, K, known to the poetry and blogging community as C. L. Sostarich (found at, awarded me with a Versatile Blogger Award. When I was first notified of it, I figured she’d stolen crack from our hunter and started smoking it.  I mean, I’m the least versatile blogger.

Once given this major award, I’m supposed to tell the world seven things about myself that I think people need or want to know about me. Following that, I’m supposed to pass on the Versatile Blogger Award to 15 (Yikes!) more bloggers. I see this is going to take an extended period of time.

Seven things about me people could care less about…

1. I am the worst blogger in the world. I write sporadically and pretty much about the same thing–the trials and tribulations of being a writer. I started my blog as more of a personal online diary–I didn’t care if anyone was going to read it so long as my words were floating around cyberspace. On top of that, I rarely have time to read other blogs; hence, my list of “followed” and “following” blogs is minute.

2. I wholeheartedly believe in reincarnation. Humans have inhabited the planet for roughly 200,000 years. What makes anyone think that living 80, 90, or even 100 years is enough time to learn and practice the universal lessons needed to reach “heaven?” What happens when people die from mistakes like texting while driving or overdosing on heroin? That’s it? You don’t get a second chance? Sorry, but Hell has no more vacancies then.

3. I am neither a scholar (despite the many lettered degrees after my name), nor a literary snob. I think I’ve only read about five of the Top 100 Books of all Time. And no, none of them were Harry Potter.

4. I am essentially lazy. That is not to say I am not a hard-worker, but usually when I try new things, they come fairly easy to me. And if they don’t, then I tend to re-prioritize my goals. I don’t quit things; I put them off until I can concentrate on them more.

5. I like adjectives and adverbs, and I don’t care if Stephen King hates me for it. In my real writing (as in not this blog), I make concerted effort not to use them. Most of the time.

6. My ratio of loved to lost is 1:1. Or is it 50:50? I’m a writer not a mathematician. (See #3.) Once you make it into my heart (and that is a feat in itself) and I consider you my friend, you are there forever. You can ditch me, ignore me, hurt me, whatever, but I will still care for you forever.

7. Oh, god, when is this going to end? (See #4.)

There will be a test on these seven items, so study up.

As for 15 bloggers I’m supposed to give this major award to: see #1. I’m pretty sure the whole premise of this stipulation is to increase traffic, but most of these have been Freshly Pressed, so I hardly doubt they need the few referrals I can provide.

Nonethless, here are some of the blogs I follow just because they had something interesting to say:  NaNoWriMo fiend. Everything a writer needs to know. (Don’t tell her about my affection for adjectives and adverbs.) Remember the MTV show Daria? Humor just like that. Gotta love it. She’s on the contrary, and I am so unladylike how can I not read it? I don’t know how one can remain so positive and full of good energy, but she does.


2 thoughts on “It’s a Major Award

  1. Aww Thank you so much Blacke!! It is an honor to me that you follow my blog and have mentioned me in your post! Those were 7 awesome things about you and I am so ready for my test!! :) You have a good heart and I love to read your blogs and especially the fan fic you are doing on World of Warcraft!! That is amazing and I so look forward to the next installment! I am very blessed to have met you!!

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