Congratulations! You’ve landed on my About page. I’m not sure how many people actually do. Even though it’s a literary masterpiece. (I mean, who actually likes writing these things? I’d rather read a Stephenie Meyer book than do this, but here we are.)

[Insert professional looking photograph here. (note to self, get professional looking photograph taken.)]

Here are the basics:

I write mystery/suspense novels for both adults and young adults. I also dabble in action adventure screenwriting (especially if it has anything to do with Egyptian archaeology) and fantasy fanfiction (specifically for World of Warcraft, which you can read here if you’re so inclined).

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a minor in Theatre Arts, and I highly suggest that all writers take at least one course in Directing because it really teaches you about character motivation, dialogue subtext, raising the stakes, and describing your character through actions and mannerisms.

I also have an MFA in Creative Writing from Lesley University, one of the top-ranked low-residency programs in the country, where I concentrated in Writing For Young People.

I’ve also studied screenwriting from UCLA Extension, am a licensed secondary English teacher grades 8-12, and a member of Sisters in Crime and NESCBWI.

Beyond the credentials:

I’m a writer with the same dream many of you have: to get a book published.

This dream has hung over my head like a dark grey storm cloud for so long that, guess what, it’s resulted in my doing anything but writing. The more I thought about writing “my book”, the less inspired I was. I started to think maybe it was just the desk job by day, Netflix at night life for me. So I stopped calling myself a writer…until, someone told me, Christine, you’re a fucking writer!

Which led me to ask, “When do we get to call ourselves ‘writers’?” And that got me into creating this space for other writers–all kinds of people who simply want to write but struggle with taking action. Together we’ll learn how to get ourselves, stay committed, and lead the creative life we’ve always wanted.

So if you’re with me, I hope you stay awhile.







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